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The Most Important Space in a Home

Blake Lanham articulates why the kitchen / pantry / dining / alfresco space of your house is THE most important part of a home design as it is the most used space in any house. If you get this space wrong, it can ruin the flow of your house.

Fundamentals of Home Design

Blake walks you through some of the fundamentals you really should consider before starting your new home project. These can make all the difference to the final outcome of your build.

Design Vs Budget

Here Blake Lanham discusses how to make the most out of your budget to design the perfect home. He runs you through common misconceptions that often lead to budget blow outs.

Bathroom Inclusions Vs Upgrades

Listen to Blake Lanham run through examples of inclusions and upgrades of bathroom design. All to help you understand when it is worth going for those extra finishes you love...and when perhaps it isn't. Plus learn what sets LanCon apart from other builders.

Block Audit

Find out exactly what the LanCon Block Audit is and why it is so important to consider prior to starting your new build project

The power of Interior Design

Blake discusses the impact of interior design and how to make the best choices for your budget.

What Makes LanCon a Stable Builder?

Listen to Blake Lanham explain exactly why LanCon is a stable builder and what he has learnt along the way.

Square Meter Theory

Listen to our expert Bob, debunk the Square Meter Theory and discuss what you should actually be focusing on in order to make the most of your budget.

LanCon Resource Library

Sharing our wisdom and giving you the tools you need to make the most out of your new home build project.

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